Einer dieser meh-Abende. Ok. Les ich mal ein Buch. :D

Bin gerade so unglaublich glücklich und dankbar für meine Freunde und Musik.

Whenever I see a post telling me to boost it I'm like 'nope'.

That shit could be the cure for cancer or cold fusion and I still wouldn't boost that shit.

I'm a contrarian at heart, I guess.

Ich hab schon lange nicht mehr so schlecht geschlafen

Kaffee ist die wichtigste Mahlzeit des Tages...

One of my favorite stories of decades on the Internet:
Allegedly… Andrea Espinosa jumped into a stranger's car and told him to drive, without threats or weapons, but the idiot jumped out and ran for a cop.
When the cop violently tried to remove her from the car, Andrea responded by punching the cop in the face, then a knee to the groin.
When photographed for jail, Andrea couldn't stop laughing and smiling over punching/groin kneeing the cop.

The cops say Andrea "appeared confused", but it appears more likely it was the cops that were confused.

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