With a new year comes changes in my computer hardware. The 13 year old Latitude D630 has been retired from active service in favor of a new machine. 13 years is a good long time, right?

A blathering. I know it's been a rough year for everyone. Regardless, I will still find some positives that have come from the year and build on those for the next year.

This Laptop runs so amazingly well with @opensuse. In fact, I didn't know HP made such nice machines. I do think they should offer openSUSE by default.


In an effort to get caught up on the latest in system monitoring tool hotness, I have been using with on @openSUSE and in a word, "wow". What an incredible interface that is incredibly accessible. My new "must have" app on

I realize I am late to the party but I am very much enjoying on @opensuse . This is fantastic system monitoring tool for that should be given try, if nothing more than to marvel at the elegance of the presentation.

Not really computer or tech related but I do spend some time outside of my cubicle building things and one such tool that helps me along that I am rather smitten is the 20v Max Cordless Compact Router. Very well made and incredibly convenient.

Since I am a fan of consoles, modern, vintage and near vintage, I designed & constructed a "Gaming Rack" to commit a neatness in my home. Designed on @opensuse Tumbleweed with Autodesk , I made my having these things more manageable.

#Docker #Kubernetes & container technologies on Z Systems plus additional emulations with #IBM s390 is fully explained in this presentation based on a thesis. Find out about compatibility, configuration & more in this @opensuse + @libreoffice Conference talk. youtu.be/OMrXonKsfbE?t=17

There has been all kinds of chatter about the @Raspberry_Pi 400. Though I haven't physically touched one, I am not without my thoughts, or rather, blathering on this. Now, if only I could buy one...

Noodlings 22 | On the Edge
- Microsoft Edge Browser on openSUSE Linux
- Fish | Friendly Interactive SHell on openSUSE
- Branded vs Unbranded Laptop Batteries
- Halloween Festive Lights
- BDLL Followup
- openSUSE Corner
- Computer History Retrospective on Computer Entrepreneurs (1984)


I have used as my go-to tool of choice for installing various distributions of . It made installing another OS that could not be written to a USB drive possible. This is especially important for having ready to install too.

I am blown away that @microsoft has made a "first-class citizen" with the Edge Browser. Running it on @openSUSE is surprisingly delightful. I am very impressed and grateful that Microsoft is making this kind of effort.

I am of the belief that FISH should have a name change from "Friendly Interactive SHell" to being the "Fun Interactive SHell". Although I do enjoy the terminal, this makes it much more fun. @openSUSE

This year I gave an online talk at the Kieler Open Source and Linux Days: "Linux hat gewonnen (Linux has won)". The talk is in German and if you missed it, you can watch it now. 🤗 :linux:

You can find the slides here:

#Linux #Kielux


An old and not very funny joke, the Rickroll, is available in pixelated form in the on . Since I got a chuckle, I thought I would share.

Weather Forecast in the Terminal with wttr.in. This is a supremely fantastic weather service by
that is available for anyone to use. You don't even need a terminal to access it!

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