Another echo chamber podcast about my latest projects: Akonadi Reference, Solaar, Dell Inspiron 20 3048 SSD Upgrade, Windscribe VPN Service, BDLL Followup on FerenOS, openSUSE Corner, Computer History Retrospective about Word Processing

Configuring a
switch from a terminal with . The is a fun place to play if you know what you are doing. Minicom and your system needs some adjustments and here is how you do it.

Since all the kids are talking about using a as a layer of protection, I have decided to as well. I am happily using Winscribe on @openSUSE. Since the good folks at @windscribecom forgot to include the openSUSE directions I have them here.

Episode 11 is out ! Check out our review of #startrek Enterprise season 4 episode 11 Observer Effect. Enjoy !

One of the network engineers at my work is using his laptop as a proof of concept that Linux desktop OS (Manjaro) is viable to use in our environment. He showed it to our boss and got his okay for engineers to be able to use that instead of windows with my okay. I'm not going to stand in the way of FOSS in my company, no way.

is an Application for managing @Logitech Unifying Receivers and Devices I use with
@openSUSE . It is user friendly, highly functional and pretty fantastic looking.

An admittedly biased review of @fedora 31 from an @openSUSE user. I appreciate the time and care that goes into the technical competence of Fedora. The desktop experience is what you make of it and the core underpinnings are sound.

The @kdecommunity Personal Information Manager is my must have application on a system. Sometimes can give me fits although rare these days. Here is a little reference I put together that I use infrequently to straighten things up.

Noodlings | Lighting the Emby Server with Kdenlive, plus
- AppImageLauncher Review
- BDLL Followup on the Discourse
- openSUSE Corner
- Computer History Retrospective about Simulator Software

Running 19.12 on @openSUSE is a great experience. It's easy to use and incredibly stable. If you have complaints about Kdenlive, use openSUSE. Thank you to everyone that makes this possible. @kdecommunity

Set up and review of running on @openSUSE . It is a fantastic edition to my newly commissioned server. This easily set up and finely polished product is unlikely going to be negative experience. @embyapp

Building an Server and Game Machine out of Yester-Year's Parts, running @openSUSE . All assembled form used parts from randoms on @ebay. This has been an incredibly fun project and the cornerstone for many future projects.

CubicleNate Noodlings Episode 11 a podcast where I talk about the nerdy things that interest me. This time, Quick Tiling, Fusion 360 and in the Kitchen, Tumbleweed Snapshots and Computer History on Music.

on @openSUSE is a fantastic tool to Display and Control Android devices over USB or even wirelessly. This is great for those that aren't as much of a fan of the mobile interface.

makes the Kitchen life much more efficient and enjoyable. I have been using and tweaking my setup for a while now and this is what I can recommend, without question, as a "force multiplier" in the kitchen.

Join @CubicleNate and I for our new podcast, DLN Xtend. We look back at this week's shows, expanding on the topics covered as part of the Ask Noah Show, @dasgeek, @DestinationLinux, @ThisWeekinLinux, @TuxDigital and @Linux4Everyone

Brought New Life to Rock Candy Gamepad for PS3 ( Linux). Another Repair not done by me but by my oldest boy (I helped).

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