I am super excited to see that the Fast File System is making a fully functional return to the Linux Kernel in version 5.9 thanks to a @SUSE developer David Sterba. He and Linus Torvalds are gifting me an early Christmas present this year!


More fantastic capability achieved using the Matrix communication platform. I can now send & receive text messages (SMS) with Element, in effect, reducing complexity by having a unified interface. This has me grinning from ear-to-ear.

I have started exploring , a Chat Client on @openSUSE because all the kids at Destination Linux are talking about it these days. I thing it's great & I'd say @dasgeek and @Kernellinux are certainly skating where the puck is going.

A simple way to help guard your privacy online. Use the Facebook Container Tab in . Works great in , and . I won't browse the web without it.

With a little fiddling, the OBS NDI Plugin on @openSUSE works fantastically well and makes for low latency video streaming from one OBS-Studio machine to another. This is great for distributing some processing load to another machine.

We're in the early alpha stages for the prototype builds that plan on bringing @opensuse and SLE closer. An update came out today. news.opensuse.org/2020/08/10/n

Another fantastic gem in the Official @openSUSE Repository. It's called, AntiMicro and allows you to map Keyboard and Mouse Controls to Gamepad. It's probably on all distributions or at least should be.

I successfully completed a BIOS Update on a @Dell Latitude E6440 on . It just didn't REQUIRE Windows. Thanks Dell for making this easy!

I have put together another gift to my future self and maybe even future or present you. An easy way to turn off your monitors in the terminal and ultimately with a global shortcut in Plasma. cubiclenate.com/2020/08/03/tur

After some internet inspiration, I have been playing with this idea of a Terminal based Desktop using . This is not a new idea, I just happened to pull together things that got me all excited so I set it up on my @openSUSE Tumbleweed server.

»openSUSE 15.2 is the Mercedes-Benz of Linux distributions« says FOSS Post.
Read their full review here: fosspost.org/reviews/distribut

#openSUSE #Leap152

To improve my Linux desktop experience, I purchased an LG 29" UltraWide Monitor. It required a bit of fiddling but thanks to the @openSUSE forum, this upgrade has made my life more enjoyable.

@zoom_us, is a fantastic conferencing client but the latest update made my UI elements all... Zoomed in. Since I don't need reading glasses yet, here is my fix, returning the UI to a more normal size for on

After reading an article from @linuxtoday, I had to dig into this AMD Laptop offering from @TUXEDOComputers. This is the TUXEDO Pulse 15. Had to process this out as a possible upgrade path to an all @openSUSE Laptop. So, a little

@opensuse #YaST sprint brings better support in the Partitioner for the different types of LVM & brings about many internal improvements regarding AutoYaST - yast.opensuse.org/blog/2020-07

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