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SID Music Rabbit Hole
I recently fell into a YouTube rabbit hole looking for Commodore 64 SID music based on classic 80s hits. There are a lot of great compositions out there of various production quality. In my searching, I found this particular d64 download that was well put together that I have greatly enjoyed. I am continually impressed by what people are able to do with this wonderfully charming, old, har

Raspberry Pi Powered Amiga

The Pimiga is a fairly new project that brings the retro joys of the greatest computer of all time to modern and easily available hardware. It is recommended you use a Pi4 or even better a Pi400 as a modern day Amiga.

This page will be landing page for the available resources about the Pimiga and all the fun wrapped into it.

YouTube Pimiga Playlist

Here is a work in progress list of videos on the Pimiga

Noodlings 28 | Building Things
Here is the 28th Chiclet sized podcast episode

Return of BDLL

Digital Sign Solution with Screenly on the Raspberry Pi

Ventoy | Multi-ISO Bootable USB Drive Made Easy

TiddlyWiki | Personal, non-linear, Note Taking Application on Linux

openSUSE Corner

openSUSE Smiles

I purchased

So, I clearly made some mistakes in the script. I totally missed the everything after the "Pull down and install containers" part as it changes to the "pi" user directory which there was not on the system. I will pay closer attention to the details and try this again in the morning.

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@frontpagelinux @Raspberry_Pi @opensuse Alright... I think adding the screenly repo sources might end this experiment for now... Maybe...

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I did an article recently on @frontpagelinux about on the @Raspberry_Pi . It works fantastically well. I am going through the installation script and modifying it to work with @opensuse , just to see if it works. :)

Running @opensuse on a @Raspberry_Pi 3. I am going to have bit of fun with it. If I break it doing things that are likely not recommended, all the better! openSUSE and Raspberry Pi truly make computers fun again!

As it was another wonderful Wednesday, MattDLN, @WendyDLN and I just recorded another which was loads of fun, as always. does indeed make our world go round, and makes my life way more efficient, for sure. This @DestinationLinux will be out in a few days!

TiddlyWiki | Personal Note Taking Application
There are many options for Personal Note Taking Application on Linux but TiddlyWiki just happens to be the one I use the most and the longest on openSUSE.

Sometimes, when you buy used, you get a little burned. Thankfully, I know how to fix this. The upshot is the bearings are tip top in the drum.

Digital Sign Solution with Screenly on the Raspberry Pi
If you have any reason to provide information to people in a commercial, business or community center type situation, this may be a perfect fit for you. If you have any digital pictures and would like to turn a monitor or TV into a picture frame, even home movies.

USB Powered Clock-Fan | Widget Review
Very rarely do I impulsively buy a thing but I had a moment of weakness and purchased this USB powered clock-fan after seeing this thing in real life. Since I thought it was so cool, I had to share this rather exciting thing. Generally, I can have buyer's remorse with an impulse buy but not this time.

Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021
This past Saturday was another virtual User Group, online meetup. We discussed , tech, open source and other interesting things. The stream can be found on , similar to . . There will be another next Saturday 8pm EDT.

This is my 26th morsel-sized episode of my nerdy noodling podcast. Quick overview of my , the @opensuse Printer module, an project, my openSUSE Corner and a computer history retrospective on Decision Making Systems from 1984

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