Working on my new "space" to do my fun nerdy things. The process is taking a lot longer than I expected... by a factor of 7 so far, but next week, when I get that mini-split in and I have proper air conditioning, I can move my temporary basement setup out to my new CubicleLabs. I'm really quite excited.

@frontpagelinux @Raspberry_Pi @opensuse Alright... I think adding the screenly repo sources might end this experiment for now... Maybe...

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Running @opensuse on a @Raspberry_Pi 3. I am going to have bit of fun with it. If I break it doing things that are likely not recommended, all the better! openSUSE and Raspberry Pi truly make computers fun again!

Sometimes, when you buy used, you get a little burned. Thankfully, I know how to fix this. The upshot is the bearings are tip top in the drum.

Cubicle Chat | 27 Mar 2021
This past Saturday was another virtual User Group, online meetup. We discussed , tech, open source and other interesting things. The stream can be found on , similar to . . There will be another next Saturday 8pm EDT.

This is my 26th morsel-sized episode of my nerdy noodling podcast. Quick overview of my , the @opensuse Printer module, an project, my openSUSE Corner and a computer history retrospective on Decision Making Systems from 1984

In the absence of based, Live Users Group show, , I decided to host a last Saturday. I didn't announce it in case it was a dumpster fire but it turned out fairly well. I will do another meetup next Saturday, 27 Mar.

KDE Plasma 5.21 on @opensuse Tumbleweed is the best Plasma experience I have yet had. There are a number noteworthy improvements. Plasma on Tumbleweed, a smashing combination of electric joy. @kdecommunity

It has been just over a year since I took a trip down @fedora lane. In short Fedora 33 is Fantastic and I don't know what they did to DNF since 31 but it is FAST. I have made another markedly biased review as an @opensuse user.

Should you require Google Drive
One Drive
on @opensuse, Insync
provides a great solution for that I have been happily enjoying for the last 8 years. Also, I have clear, step-by-step instructions for use with openSUSE and

My latest round of play with Game Boy is mGBA. I have chosen to use the native built for @opensuse but the @FlatpakApps and @snapcraftio work just as well. More retro fun times for Desktop

I am very fascinated by this , Raspberry Pi Powered, LCD Chalkboard Smart Sign. I have some thoughts on this project... whenever I replicated it for myself.

Just for fun, I put my openSUSE Breeze Dark theme on my
with the
@opensuse Plasma Mobile version. Interestingly, not all of the Style elements seem follow the style but it is still fun, none the less.

I am quite excited that I did another thing, my @opensuse Breeze Dark Plasma Style is now published on I hope to do more little things like this very soon. @kdecommunity

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