Golly, after a power outage last night, my Tasmota smart dimmer switches had to be power cycled. I went into the console to pull some logs and consult some experts because it's a LOT over my head.

@SolusSpider I missed this, I was away from my computer, it seems. :(

Tune in to this fun episode of
DLN Xtend #79!

Wendy & Nate discuss the big news from @thepine64@twitter.com!

And see what the hosts are up to!

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Check out this amazing video from Ryan @dasgeekchannel@twitter.com!😎🐧

In this first video on mobile privacy we discuss ways that everyone and anyone can easily begin locking down the privacy of their device!

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@dasgeek I would like to see manufacturing be more localized to the the point of sale and reduce the length of the supply chain, and perhaps some more chains so that if one is disrupted, it won't necessarily take the whole system down.

Tonight, we will be talking on at 8pm EDT. If you want to have a friendly chat, feel free to join us as we talk about that, the upcoming and whatever else we can stuff in the evening.

Coming up at 8pm EDT, Live, streaming on where we will have a talk about a distribution based on that is very... Windows like. Come hang out, be a part of the conversation and have a little fun talking tech!


@Azt3c This is my main overview page of all the switches I can control in my house and my "CubicleLabs" This allows me to turn lights on and off as well as set scenes for specific events.

@Azt3c home-assistant.io/

Check this out. I have ESP and Insteon based devices. This allows me to use any kind of automation devices.

@Azt3c It is an open source home automation system that is very extensible and allows you to automate the mundane things in the house. For me, I am automating lights right now. I can ensure that lights are turned off so I am not wasting electricity. :)

I am having so much fun with Home Assistant. Now I need to move it from the Raspberry Pi 3 to something a bit more robust and also on

Getting ready to have a live stream nerdy conversation about our exploration into . Feel free to join in the chat or in if you are feeling up to it, show your voice and be a part of the Zoom conference

We are having a conversation about a distribution called . This will be a friendly, upbeat, and constructive conversation about someone's labor of love so feel free to join in the chat or in Zoom.

Noodlings 33 | Just a Playground
Here is the 33rd hand-full of penuts sized podcast episode

Top 11 Reasons YaST makes openSUSE AwesomeKaOS | Review From an openSUSE User

BDL Live

openSUSE Corner

Wireshark, PipeWire, Audacity Update in TumbleweedBugzilla – Bug 1187627 After update, Kdenlive crashes on starting


KaOS | Review From an openSUSE User
KaOS is as distribution that has, for whatever reason, not been top of mind at all during my time with Linux. I think it is unfortunate that this has been the case because I really like what is going on here with this project. The developers and maintainers have done a lot to ensue that you have the latest and greatest Plasma and KDE Gear packages to use and enjoy

@WendyDLN And it is some of the most fun I can have in a single day!

Hanging out with @CubicleNate and @MattDLN as we get ready to record another episode of #DLNxtend This week we will be discussing this article blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2021/

What are your thoughts on this?

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