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In the absence of based, Live Users Group show, , I decided to host a last Saturday. I didn't announce it in case it was a dumpster fire but it turned out fairly well. I will do another meetup next Saturday, 27 Mar.

KDE Plasma 5.21 on @opensuse Tumbleweed is the best Plasma experience I have yet had. There are a number noteworthy improvements. Plasma on Tumbleweed, a smashing combination of electric joy. @kdecommunity

It has been just over a year since I took a trip down @fedora lane. In short Fedora 33 is Fantastic and I don't know what they did to DNF since 31 but it is FAST. I have made another markedly biased review as an @opensuse user.

Should you require Google Drive
One Drive
on @opensuse, Insync
provides a great solution for that I have been happily enjoying for the last 8 years. Also, I have clear, step-by-step instructions for use with openSUSE and

My latest round of play with Game Boy is mGBA. I have chosen to use the native built for @opensuse but the @FlatpakApps and @snapcraftio work just as well. More retro fun times for Desktop

I am very fascinated by this , Raspberry Pi Powered, LCD Chalkboard Smart Sign. I have some thoughts on this project... whenever I replicated it for myself.

Just for fun, I put my openSUSE Breeze Dark theme on my
with the
@opensuse Plasma Mobile version. Interestingly, not all of the Style elements seem follow the style but it is still fun, none the less.

Amazing to see how #SUSE Package Hub grew to thousands of community packages in such a short time. It all started with the change to @opensuse Leap a few years back! With the next release of Leap, the vision for Package Hub becomes complete. Thank you #opensource community!

I am quite excited that I did another thing, my @opensuse Breeze Dark Plasma Style is now published on I hope to do more little things like this very soon. @kdecommunity

It is a bit "salty" but I would absolutely use this in my house to build dividing walls. What a fantastic idea!

I finally accomplished a thing. I have published my @openSUSE
Dark Breeze Color Scheme for anyone to download. Next step, my "Plasma Style!" @kdecommunity

TiLP2 is an application I use to link my 23 year old TI-86 calculator with my @openSUSE machine. This is a fine application for transfers, back ups, and restoring data to your @TexasInstrumen calculator.

How does @opensuse handle SSDs with such small storage capacity? #Btrfs snapshots occupy a very small space keeping only #data that has changed.

I stumbled upon a fantastic device to use NES, SNES and Sega Genesis / MegaDrive controllers on the Commodore 64, it's called . As much as I love the joystick, my first controller, it feels a bit dated, this fixes that small issue.

I have discovered the BEST webcam application for , it's called Webcamoid. I use it on @opensuse and it is the coolest application like this I have ever used on any platform. You can read the full article on @FrontPageLinux.

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