Struggled a lot with for scientific meshes today. Coming from (proprietary) Autodesk Inventor, it has a long way to go - and I stress long. But with the spirit in mind my I am in awe about how much this tool can do.

@DPoeltl Since blender is a artistical programm i am still not sure if using freecad and develope it forther to your need wuldn't be better in the long run.

@DPoeltl it is an amazing tool. I use it a lot. Has an incredibly steep learning curve though. I usually hit up tutorials once in a while to get new ideas as to what it does. 👍🏼

You're right, that's how I did it as well - and it worked. I exported my mesh as a .stl-file and used it for computational fluid dynamics with yesterday.
Took me a while, but it works.

@sprkwd Meet "wobbleChannel" 😎
Stationary flow from left to right, 2nd picture shows the pressure field (colour gradient) and the velocity vector field (little pointy arrows)

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