As an , this stuff gives me a chill 😨 : An orthodox Jewish school in London redacts content on evolution, womens' dresses and homosexuality ➡️
In my hometown, the catholic church runs 21 schools. Teach religion at school? A right, granted by the Grundgesetz.
But run schools? No.

@DPoeltl In my (the same ;-) hometown in one district the catholic school is better than any public school around.

@DPoeltl Which btw is affected by the closing of 8 catholic schools because of financial problems of the Archdiocese Hamburg.

@erAck I know. Schadenfroh, though totally inappropriate. Imagine how everyone would go 🥜 if public, government-run schools would be closed b/c of a financial deficit. (1/2)

@erAck Believers keep saying: "But besides churches, we run hospitals and kindergartens and elderly homes, too!" Yeah. On money from taxes! The idea, that a secular state collects church tax is - again - 🥜 ! A muslim friend of mine learned at a Catholic elderly home. At the end of his tuition, he was asked to convert - or be sacked 😤 . Ax the tax, convert all church run inst. into state-run inst. (2/2)

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