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DPoeltl @DPoeltl@social.tchncs.de

Schnelle Rechnung zum -Mitgliederentscheid zur
Angenommen, *alle* neu Eingetretenen stimmen dagegen und *alle* "alten" stimmen wie der ...🤔


Ed Brinksma has a new job: president of the TU .
He doesn't have a article. Yet. 😎
Peeps from TU were very kind to provide a portrait under licence. Much appreciated 💙

M. (1 Monat alt) reagiert auf die geplante Streichung der Klimaschutzziele 2020. social.tchncs.de/media/lXC4xwo

im Kleinen: Netzaffine der 🌻 feilen an Leitantrag für Digitalisierung. Klingt sexy...not 😅 Aber so funktioniert's eben: Mitreden, Einbringen, Abstimmen - Teilhaben. social.tchncs.de/media/89RUgMa

View stats of German article "Chaos Computer Club" - 1.594 today, and counting 😉

"I'm dreaming of an RC oscillator..." 🎄 🎵 😊
Things you see at a regular Christmas celebration at TU

Since "Windup Girl" is definitely my of the year, my next pick was clear. Bacigalupi has Asimov-like skills & yet his near-future-climate-change dystopias catch you from page 1 without the need of spaceships and off-world colonies.

"...but the crucial change is a shift from an animal- to a plant-based diet", George Monbiot on soil degradation and where our food will (&should) come from ➡️ theguardian.com/commentisfree/ (🖼 CC-BY-NC-ND Eric Huybrechts) social.tchncs.de/media/o2LEIZm

I became an uncle last Saturday - and fell in love with this t-shirt from @fsfe 😍 Cute idea. social.tchncs.de/media/WiLwiul

Beau-ti-ful!😍 Nicky Case's exlanation of is brilliant. Check ➡️ out ncase.me/trust social.tchncs.de/media/3a2F-iA

Today's :Open by Grandbrothers. Neo-classical and minimalistic piano centered music.Their debut album Dilation was something new regarding tech.Anyone who likes Ludovico Einaudi or Steve Reich - check them out!


And tonight's : Hidden Orchestra. Nice melange of nu-jazz and drums,drums,drums. Check for Joe Acheson's projects.

Volles Haus bei Mitgliederabend der zu den Sondierungsgesprächen zu .

Mitgliederabend zum bei den :Stimmenparadoxon, Vorschläge von "Mehr Demokratie e.V." und Heilungsvorschläge (CC-BY-SA 3.0 Torsten Bräge via Wikimedia Commons) social.tchncs.de/media/bRn-FFX

Stunned by "Clade" by James Bradley - a -Fi book that embeds a matter as complex as into a generation-spanning narration.Just like William Gibson,it's the little half sentences that leave you stunned:gen-engineered forests,Malaria prevention schemes in GB,the shifting of the planetary magnetic field. So: y'all!