Yesterday I received my #Librem5 from @purism! Today I had fun with it, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client
- the Komikku webcomic reader
- the terminal application

Guten Morgen Tröties. Einen schönen Sonntag euch allen.

Sometimes I ask myself if the Eagles had Vim in mind when they wrote that line "you can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave" for Hotel California.

It all makes sense.

Ich trinke erstmal einen Kaffee mit euch. Guten Morgen Tröties.

my trip earlier this week to Alaska had similar scenery

👋 Hello fellow local instance peeps of :tchncs:

🎗️ This is your friendly reminder that tchncs by @milan is donations driven:


:toot: Like, lik or share on your own discretion. Donate tho!

👍 Thanks for your attention.

Wenn ihr euch einsam und vergessen fühlt, denkt dran, dass Bibi Blocksberg einen kleinen Bruder Boris hat, der zu den Großeltern geschickt und dann vergessen wurde:

Two malicious Python 🐍 libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys:

From the article:

The first is "python3-dateutil," which imitated the popular "dateutil" library. The second is "jeIlyfish" (the first L is an I), which mimicked the "jellyfish" library.

Both have since been removed.

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread⤵️

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