Linux wirklich für Anfänger | Teil 2


läd nicht hoch; kommt später

Ok, this so funny 😂 Someone hit a nerve there 🤭

"NVIDIA Open Sources Drivers, FOSS Is Winning" - Reaction video

This was a short video, but there was so much to talk about, and so much to go in to so it ended up being long :D Lets see how much judging is being done by ...

I'm just listening to your new LOL episode where you mentioned your issues with contacts.
Personally, I always had trouble with weekly or monthly lenses. I ended up using the DAILIES Aqrua Comfort Plus. They work fine for me. I'm useing them daily for over 15 years now (those and a predecessor to those). However, I can wear them 10 hours at max before my eyes go uncountable dry. To be fair, I have notoriously dry eyes.
Overall, I'm pretty satisfied.

When you render videos with 3fps you know it'd be time to upgrade

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