Introducing Stories. A beautiful way to watch your stories in a beautiful app. Interested in getting it? Follow me to get a link.

Panoramic 2.1.0 will introduce stories, card settings, AMOLED, a panorama image view and more! Stay tuned, releasing tonight!

@thomas If you should enjoy it, please give it 5 stars, it would be really really helpful!

@milan If you should enjoy it, please give it 5 stars, it would be really really helpful!

Hello world to my second try to create a compelling client for ...

@Auge @pierson @dennishadley @nhuberfeely @mickmel @Vo_oK @lucian @torsteed @mitchdevinck @Steve @Flaccus @amac @_alex @v3ritas @djghettoredneck @torstenbudumlu @emkamax @fasnix The first release of my Mastodone client for Android is available now! Please review it, spread the word about it and try it out. I hope you will enjoy it!!!:)

I am sorry that the release is not happening as fast as I thought. Google Play is still taking up some time to release the update, whyever.

First beta will be released in a few minutes. It works great so far!

Getting ready to release the first build of my Mastodon app for Android in the next hours! I guess it should be ready in around one hour!!!

What Mastodon is currently lacking is a good iOS app. Too bad there doesn't seem to be one atm. I might port mine from Android to iOS via MechDome. Anyone interested?

Welcome to the first look of my newest app, an Android Mastodome client... First beta coming in a few hours. Follow me to get the latest:)

No first beta release for my Mastodon app today. But I think I should get a first beta out tomorrow!

As it has already happened to me more than five times that I logged out without wanting it, some kind of a dialog asking whether you really want to log out is needed.

First special customization: By default, profile pictures in statuses will be rounded. You can still get the rectangular icon style too!

I know, I know, everyone thinks that this is self-explaining. But I am currently spending some minutes making the icons in the navigation drawer white when there is no light theme enabled. :D Feed should be the next step then, I think cards would look much better.

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