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As powerful & important as the activism being done is, I worry that we might be falling short of supporting our disabled comrades at a crucial moment.

It's nice that society gets more accessible for those who stay home and it would be great to hold on to that,

But priority #1 for a lot of disabled people right now is 'what is doctors and policy makers consider my life not worth saving in a crisis?'.

And I don't really know how to effectively organize against that. Thoughts?

Das Guggenheim Museum hat seine Kunstbücher zum Download bereit gestellt und es ist großartig

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Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

I'm going to post a long thread on how to cope better if you're stuck indoors at the moment. I've been housebound by disability for a long while now, and sporadically housebound due to depression and agoraphobia before that. These are things that have improved how I deal with that. This is not gonna make houseboundness painless for you but it might help you cope. Disabled comrades are welcome to share their own advice to this thread.

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Queer movie night online this Saturday, BOOST!!! 

We are having our first #RainbowMovieNights on Mastodon this Saturday 21th at 10:00 pm CET / 5 pm EST.

This will be a monthly event where we watch together a queer movie and chat about it.

We had two movies with the same vote count on the poll, so we'll just choose one of them. This month we'll watch this one:

"Brides to be". Mix of romantic movie and ghost horror/supernatural movie (not heavy stuff). Two women are organising their wedding and run into problems with the place chosen for the event. Cw: sex scenes (without full nudity), stalking.

For watching, enter here (you can log in as guest):

This will be an event by and for #queer people. We can't be checking identities of people, as there is anonymous log in, but the chatroom must remain a safe space and we'll ban without warnings any cishet that makes us uncomfortable in the slightest.

You can toot at any time using the ht #RainbowMovieNights for questions, suggestions or any comments.

Let's have all a good time together!

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Vergesst nicht, dass ihr auch zu Hause fancy leben könnt. Deshalb: Rechtzeitig Eiswürfel einfrieren für fancy Getränke.

DIY-Limo mit Gurke ist übrigens sehr fancy und lecker.

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Da die öffentlichen Bibliotheken in #berlin jetzt geschlossen haben ist es wohl überfällig, mal bei @inventaire mitzumachen. Ich bin :)

Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr herzhaft in eine Nuss beisst, bei der ihr vorher schon den Verdacht hattet sie könnte unlecker sein? Bah... 🤮

So, ich habs dann auch endlich mal her geschafft.


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