Ich habe den Blog Artikel zum 6.5 (stable) Setup auf einem PC oder Notebook mal aktualisiert und um den Hinweis auf die nun vorhandenen offiziellen stable Updates ergänzt:

@Haydar hello, could you remove my own repository from your blog? I'll shutdown it soon as it's not of any use now :)

@solene I see, I have removed it now. Didn't know that you will shutdown your repo - since it contains much more packages than the now-official -stable repo.

@Haydar the thing is that on my repository, I've used dpb(1) which recompiled too much packages for nothing.

In case of a library change, dpb recompiles every packages using that library, "just in case", but the heuristic is bad and does it systematically.

The official repository provides the correct packages amount. They are built using make in ports, but to get this result with make, it's mure more complicated that running dpb -R

@solene thanks for the explanation, now I understand ;)

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