is the only current OS which is supported by security updates and still turns this 15 year old notebook - a LG LE50 - into a usable machine. It's even possible to watch Youtube videos in a satisfactory quality using mpv and youtube-dl

Sometime last fall I put Kubuntu on a laptop from 2005, and it worked. Could even watch Youtube videos directly in Firefox. I started out with xfce and lxde, but it worked even with actual KDE. (if graphics acceleration works, KDE is pretty efficient, it seems)

@Mr_Teatime Of course it depends on the hardware. A high-end notebook from 2005 may still be usable running Linux or even Windows today. This one was a low-end entry-class machine 15 years ago.

yep, makes sense. Not sure what hardware it was ... I managed to actually sell it for a few pounds after wiping it and installing Linux. Would have been mostly useless and dangerous with Windows XP still on it...

@Haydar @solene I doubt it’s the only current OS with security updates? Many OSes still have i386 support, and NetBSD is likely to support i386 still years after when OpenBSD drops i386. Linux and FreeBSD OTOH I could see dropping i386 in a few years.

@js @solene This remark was specific for this notebook - no about i386 operating systems in general. I did also try to install NetBSD and FreeBSD on this notebook and failed.

@js @solene I don't remember exactly, but I think the install media didn't boot. Or maybe it was FreeBSD which did hang during boot or both. It didn't test any further, it was more like "oh, this USB key with *BSD won't boot, let's move to the next one".

@Haydar @solene Ah. I guess you’re then not interested in figuring out why it didn’t work?

@js @solene No, not particularly. Perhaps when I have more time ...

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