@kde #PlasmaMobile weekly update 2: Refreshed shell user interface, Fixes in the various applications including but not limited to Phone book, Settings app, Index and VVave, and working calls! Find more at : plasma-mobile.org/2019/10/11/P

Total and ExxonMobil -two of the companies that are going to drill in the Ionian Sea and Crete- have contributed 54,25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965. Both companies, spend $70m every year on lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change, according to the Guardian.



#gr #climatechange #oil

Starting from today @kde #PlasmaMobile team have decided to provide you with a weekly updates about things happening in the project! plasma-mobile.org/2019/10/04/P Is the first blog post in this series, and it is quite packed with all the awesome stuff!

Don't miss the Video of @postmarketOS developer @martijnbraam assembling the @PINE64 #Pinephone device. Which have a sneak preview of #PlasmaMobile. or video showing current state of #PlasmaMobile on @purism Librem 5 Development kit!

Thank you!

The KDE community endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th. See kde.org

"There is no Free Software on a dead planet."

Find your local march on globalclimatestrike.net/


Just got an image from Kenny on the Akademy team about the t-shirts with the design I made being printed and don't they look nice? :)

#design #mastoart

Hat hier jemand in Benutzung in Kombination mit ?

Bekomme hier keine Verbindung und wΓΌsste gerne ob es daran liegt oder etwas anderes mir einen Streich spielen will ;P

KDE developers have fixed the bug that allowed the execution of potentially malicious code. The update is already in neon and will appear in your distro shortly.


Plasma Mobile under construction: screenshots of the latest work, taken from a Nexus 5X running the edge image. plasma-mobile.org/screenshots/

Thanks @dimitrisk for the heads up.

Plasma Mobile under construction; screenshots of the latest work, taken from a Nexus 5X running the edge image.

#kde #mobile #linux

We're currently working on the design of the registration form.

QR code scanning is working now!
- Even on Android.

If you are wondering what we are currently working on:
* The MIX group chat backend is almost finished and is currently being tested with ejabberd
* A QR-Code scanner is being integrated to allow easy logins and sharing of OMEMO keys later
* pep, the dependency of OMEMO is being implemented (about 50% finished)

That's the introductory post of Calindori, a calendar app for Plasma Mobile. Feel free to test it and report issues on KDE's gitlab instance.



And, everyone living in the EU: For most countries it is election day on Sunday (others have voted today or yesterday). Please go to the election and vote for sustainability.

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Eine Generation politisiert sich. Mit ihren Mitteln. Und Quellenangaben. Ich bin begeistert. youtu.be/4Y1lZQsyuSQ

I just learned that the produced a series of short videos intended to allow getting a better picture of the current lead candidates. Although, as advertising videos, they are not enough to make a final decision on which party to vote for between the 23 and 26 May, they nevertheless provide a nice starting point: youtube.com/watch?v=JUVNYUbY7V

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