Calindori 1.2 is out, the first stable release as a KDE application.

If you are running Linux on mobile you will probably find it useful. But you can also use it on desktop, since it is based on Kirigami, the KDE Framework for mobile and convergent desktop.

#kde #linux #mobile #plasmamobile

This is not how pinned toots are supposed to work 馃榾

This one always stays at that point of my screen no matter how far I scroll.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as KDE, is in fact, the Plasma desktop environment. KDE is not a desktop environment unto itself, but rather a community that makes software, and the Plasma desktop is just another free component they produce.

I am looking for a #foss google forms alternative, e.g. limesurvey, nextcloud forms, offered as a service by a collective of volunteers. Any suggestions?

Kaidan 0.6.0 has been released!

Including an offline message queue, advanced message corrections and many stability fixes.

If anyone has a #pine64 #pinebookpro :
Do you know if inkscape is running well, and musescore is working without audio bugs when playing complex sheet music?

I feel like we really need to prepare another post for the @plasmamobile blog, so much has happened that wasn't properly presented yet.

Angelfish, the Plasma Mobile webbrowser finally got native scrollbars btw!

The chromimum ones are now simply hidden, and a native scrollbar was added as an overlay.

Made a first working Windows build of @kaidan using Craft today. Although I'm not using Windows myself, it's still cool to see how cross-platform Qt and the KDE Frameworks are.

So many people saying they're switching from Firefox. Won't this only make the problem worse?

If you're switching to Brave or qutebrowser or UnGoogled Chromium or something, you're only strengthening Google's monopoly. If you're switching to a Webkit-based browser like Epiphany, you're shifting the monopoly towards Safari, whose parent company doesn't consider the Web a priority.

That Mozilla has bad management doesn't change the fact that Firefox is the most viable option for the open web.

Just read this:

Regarding Plasma Mobile, it is mentioned that one of the reasons of not being selected for #Librem5 is that it is based on #Halium.

That's not 100% accurate. Plasma Mobile is an ecosystem that consists of a mobile shell, #KDE frameworks and Kirigami applications. It does use libhybris and Halium for devices shipped with Android. But it is not based on it. E.g the pinephone KDE Neon image, the postmarketos one, and the Neon x86_64 image don't use Halium.

Anyone wishes to join me in translating #krita to Hindi? We now have a new mailing list for Hindi translators of KDE software. Please join and subscribe - your help is really appreciated #kde #translation #translators

Using Discord for your Open Source project. I hate it.

The new KDE Slimbook is here. This AMD Ryzen 4800H machine is sleek, light and powerful. Create, edit and play on the beautiful screen and enjoy all the comforts and features of KDE's #Plasma desktop and apps.

My first bugfix for kwin was just merged:

I thought my change was triggering a crash deep inside Qt, but the crash disappeared when I rebuilt Qt in debug mode... Hopefully my first contribution won't cause stability issues 馃檪

#KDE #Qt

If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

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