Plasma Mobile coming to a Necuno phone ๐Ÿ“ฑ near you! Check out the new open device that'll install KDE's mobile environment:

Black Friday deals on ALL KDE SOFTWARE! 100% OFF! (also tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day, and the next one after that too, and ...)

(cont) For example you can see Kaidan developed by @lnj and Telegram Desktop app running as a #Flatpak on #PlasmaMobile.

So, This opens opportunity for the 3rd party application developers to deploy application on the #PlasmaMobile

We just merged the Kirigami rewrite of the Camera application from @Jbb .

There are quite some rough edges we need to fix, but progress.

#PlasmaMobile #kde


Me and @dimitrisk had been working on stress testing #PlasmaMobile , Some of issues we found are listed on and if needed they are moved to Plasma Mobile phabricator board at

A new Linux smartphone is coming!

With an affordable price, too. Pine64 is behind this device running KDE Plasma.

KDE Neon creator Jonathan Riddell revealed this at Open Source Summit and it will be called PinePhone.

You can expect this open source Linux smartphone to cost $100+ for 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

#Linux #smartphone #KDE #Pine64 #PinePhone

KDE does Edinburgh! Come see us at our booth at the Linux Foundation's Embedded Linux Conference and discover Plasma Mobile, Kirigami and all our Plasma-enabled devices and apps! #LFELC

Doors open at 9 am Monday.

More than 400 followers, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Keep help us in spreading #ubuntutouch and Love for privacy & and open source! #ubuntu

Nur zur vorzeitigen Info: Das nรคchste #XMPP meetup in #Berlin gibt's (hรถchstwahrscheinlich) am 10. Oktober um 18:00 bei searchmetrics (Greifswalder Str. 212). Holger wird wahrscheinlich seinen Vortrag รผber das perfekte Server-Setup fortsetzen. Bis dahin: einfach mal dem MUC beitreten:

@Ubports is adding new modern app frameworks to enable multi-platform apps that run on @kde , and .

Two new demo applications are available since today to make it easier for developers to get started with the new frameworks. Thanks to Dalton for making this possible by fixing the scaling of non Ubuntu UI toolkit apps!

First screenshot of the #XMPP client #Kaidan on @UBports Ubuntu Touch with correct scaling! Thanks to Dalton Durst and @Jbb for this! Because we're using @kde's Kirigami UI toolkit it all #PlasmaMobile apps should run fine on UT, now. has 9,231 Users. If everybody gave just 10 cents Milan could pay for this Server and would't have to think about if he could afford an ssd or not ... so could you spare just some coins for our admin?

รœbermorgen (Mittwoch) findet im #xHain Hackerspace in #Berlin wieder das monatliche #XMPP #meetup um 18:00 statt. Es gibt einen Vortrag รผber yvo's Projekt, dass sich mit Sprachenlernen รผber XMPP auseinander setzt.

AuรŸerdem wird es auch noch eine kleine KSP (key signing party) mit unter anderen Debian Entwickler debacle geben.

Details gibt's auf unserem Movim-Blogpost:

Unser MUC (XMPP-Gruppenchat) kann hier gefunden werden:

#Debian 10 (unstable) running on an #Atari Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

Couldn't make it to Vienna or missed a talk? The videos of #Akademy2018 are now available, so now's your chance to catch up.

We now have an Jabber/XMPP invitation page for Kaidan:

Ge0rG has wrote the original invitation page ( and @Jbb recently made some nice modifications to it to make it fit to Kaidan.

Source code can be found here:

#xmpp #jabber #kaidan

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