We absolutely must talk about the lifes of the people using and producing our software.
We must talk about how surveillance reinforces power structures.
We must talk about how software, algorithms and AI can be discriminatory.
We must talk about how our software affects people's lifes.

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There is a real problem in the free software community and tech in general about homophobia, racism and sexism. The same thing happened in a popular Arch Linux Telegram channel, then they changed the channel logo but in a lot more violent. This is not OK.

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I'm working on an image editor for Koko, KDE's image viewer for Plasma Mobile (and soon also for desktop).

#kde #plasmaMobile

Check out the videos of our @kde #PlasmaMobile sprint and workshop held in April, and find out how they helped improve the location of train stations on maps for KTrip, led to the creation of day and week views in Calindori, squashed bugs in Okular, and more.


Happy Towel Day 2020!

Now go read one of Douglas's books!

Microsoft just named a project without googling the name before. Spoiler: It already exists, and it's a KDE project. Thanks Microsoft. github.com/dotnet/maui/issues/

Plasma 5.19 beta is now out. It comes with improvements to Plasma's consistency and usability as well as to Plasma's inbuilt tools.

Please note this is a beta version of the upcoming Plasma 5.19 desktop. It is best used for testing purposes only.


Why flat earthers are affected by #5G and normal people aren't.
See? There's an explanation for everything.

#Calligra, KDE's full-featured office suite, releases version 3.2. #Gemini, the suite for 2-in-1 laptops (laptops that double up as tablets) improves usability and touch events, #Karbon (vector graphics app) now supports multi-page documents, and #Stage (presentations) gets automatic slide transitions among many other things.


The new version of Cantor, the KDE app for mathematical, statistical and scientific calculation and analysis, now lets you collapse cells, select multiple cells, and operate on all of them at once, among many other improvements.


I worked on a command line client for GitLab recently, since KDE is moving to its own GitLab instance. Today I finally announced it:

After attending the Plasma Mobile team: AUA, I have started a new project called "trainer" to build a mobile application to do some sport. I plan to publish a longer blog post soon about it.

The project is there invent.kde.org/kde/trainer


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