I'm way more hyped than I should be, but I got QML to work with Haskell

Flathub is on fire (in a positive sense) because of the new Plasma Mobile Gear release

The confusion in the voice of apple users when you call their mac "PC" 馃槀

Ready for the new updates for #PlasmaMobile? @kde Plasma-for-your-Phone introduces the first steps towards multiple homescreens, timers for KClock, new podcast and Mastodon apps, and much, much more.


techbros haben cryptomining erfunden um ein versehentlich gel枚schtes github repo aus der arktis rauszuschmelzen

And that server also hosts lots of other stuff, like the comment system for my blog, some debian-pm infra and acts as a reverse proxy for more services.

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The conduit Matrix server is quite impressive already.

This is how the CPU and memory utilization of a matrix server can look like:

... This cat can't believe it...
We hit 500 followers 馃帀 on mastodon which is a crazy amount of people...
Thanks for your support 鉂わ笍

:xmpp: Kaidan now supports 鈱笍 typing notifications & 馃挰 message synchronization (also known as MAM) with the brand new 0.8 release! 馃帀


I wonder if I should create a separate mastodon account for my German posts. They have been getting more lately so please tell me if that is annoying for the english-speaking followers here :)

Ein mal Webdevelopment gemacht und direkt einen Linux kernel bug angetroffen. Passiert.


About two months ago I decided to use my spare time to work on a Plasma Mobile/Kirigami podcast player. Mostly because I wanted to do a hobby project to learn qml. And also a bit because there seemed to be no (mobile) linux podcast players which were anywhere near what I wanted to see in a podcast player.

Two months later I suddenly find myself with developer access to KDE and a project under review for regular release through KDE / plasma mobile. 馃槂

I love the FOSS and KDE communities!

aaaaa why is there still so much code using an unversioned python executable

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