#fedora34 got released!
Upgrading was not trivial this time.. I used so far xdm, but with that only got into kde sessions with 1024x768, I switched to kdm as I anyway run plasma as window manager since some time.
Also: pipewire replaced pulseaudio. Now dbus.service and pipewire.service need to run as user. For my user, service unit files had been deployed by no longer used software, which prevented also dbus from running. If no sound, check 'systemctl --user status dbus pipewire'.

@Jbb Do you mean xdm? ;)
I was running WindowMaker for many years, running kdm in front of that would have been interesting, it probably takes more memory than WindowMaker itself. But now as I run plasma anyway..

@globalc I just wondered because I thought kdm was long replaced by SDDM.

@Jbb Ah, I was living behind the moon regarding dm's, thanks for the hint.


@globalc But kind of cool that kdm still works, I last used it in Plasma 4 times :)

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