Yay, I managed to implement QRC support in HsQML.

This was only possible because of qmetaobject-rs's readable implementation from which I could find out how the internal binary format works.

We have quite a few Ubuntu Touch apps flatpaked now. After the last build infrastructure problems are figured out they should be ready to use on Plasma Mobile.

I'm way more hyped than I should be, but I got QML to work with Haskell

Flathub is on fire (in a positive sense) because of the new Plasma Mobile Gear release

The conduit Matrix server is quite impressive already.

This is how the CPU and memory utilization of a matrix server can look like:

Und dafรผr haben wir einen Preis bezahlt der so hoch ist, dass es der Uni peinlich ist ihn zu verรถffentlichen.

What I intended to do: polishing the Debian PM image for the PinePhone

What I actually did:

GitHub being GitHub?

Apparently their certificate for github.githubassets.com expired.

This is not how pinned toots are supposed to work ๐Ÿ˜€

This one always stays at that point of my screen no matter how far I scroll.

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