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ein analoger wecker funktioniert nicht wenn man vor hat mehr als 12 stunden zu schlafen

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„Fraktionschef Merz betont, dass [die Klage] sich nicht gegen Klimaschutz an sich wende” – sondern lediglich gegen seine Finanzierung

Setting up an x86_64 runner for my CI? Noooooo

Cross-compiling from aarch64 to x86_64? Yeeees

std::span would be so awesome to abstract over old Qt APIs that return QList instead of QVector. Unfortunately we still have C++17 in most of KDE, and probably with good reasons.

Gerade festgestellt, dass Mio Mio teurer geworden ist.
Ich fordere eine Matepreisbremse!

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Open source "pro tip": stop asking questions like "any updates on this?!" in tickets. It's annoying, spammy, and sometimes even passive-aggressive.

If there were updates, the system would have directly linked them to the ticket and you wouldn't have to ask.

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Unsere Laptop-Empfehlungen für Erstis im Sommersemester:

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Umfrage zum Stand Mitte März: Wart ihr schon covid19-infiziert?

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I didn't want my home to be empty so the last couple of days I've only been searching for people to follow and haven't really posted anything :/
And I'm still not totally satisfied, I'm sure there are more cool profiles out there for me to follow who post interesting stuff (art, funny stuff, fanfic, music, games, whatever, as long as it is sfw)...
I guess what I'm asking is: what are yall's favorite profiles/bots?

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i need more mathematician friends on mastodon. can you boost this for visibility, please?

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Finally took some time to sit down and write some documentation:

Still in early stages, but should provide a good introduction for potential contributors!

Who doesn't love Konqi pictures everywhere??


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does anyone have experience with MIPI-DSI and drm (direct rendering, not the other one) bridges with VC4 / raspberry pi? i feel like i have to move around things again in the kernel to make anything attach.

for context, here's my DTS overlay fragment (the backlight stuff and GPIOs are bogus, but it doesn't matter)

I got my typewriter working as keyboard on Linux today. In fact I'm typing this toot on it :)

I'll make a proper video tomorrow.

Thanks to the information from @cccp, it was relatively easy to get this Sigma SM 8200i connected to a modern age computer!

It's pretty much the same hardware as the Erika S 3004, probably this brand name was used for selling in Western Germany.

The code is of course open-source, on @codeberg:

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