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Today is . Why is so bad? Find out here: and here:

What can you do against it? Don't buy DRM'd products. Also, find out how to take action:

Planning to create ThanOS, it will `kill` half of the processes when the memory is full and `rm -rf half` of the files when the disc is filled.


Software Freedom Day Celebration at CUSAT tomorrow (15/09/2018). Talks aby @Mujeeb cpy @Ranjith Siji. Bring your Laptops for a free free software OS install 😉.

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Cookie-Monster at a TED talk: "Me here to discuss the dangers of data collection because not all cookies are good. Here my story..."

via #ProgrammerJokes (Telegram) #TED #cookies #dataprotection #comic #TEDtalk

Join [HarithaKeralam]( Mission to participate in Kerala Flood relief clean drive, lets recover together, and lets witness the rebirth of united Kerala.

Kerala faced the biggest flood in Indian history in past 100yrs, now its time to show the strength by working together to survive this unexpected disaster.

Here ( is an online portal to connect those who need help and those who are ready to help. First priority is survival, those who can share food and medicine, please come forward.
❤️ ❤️

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upside of early maintenance:
only few ppl may notice it
downside of early maintenance:
milan does some things wrong as brain isn't fully awake so things take longer :awesome:

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Regarding #fdroid and #GDPR: You can find our terms here:

As F-Droid goes out of it's way to not only don't track you itself but also prevent others (apps, repo admins, etc.) from tracking you, we didn't need to change anything here. 🎉

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A lot of the software used by public institutions is proprietary. This means that the public - including you - is financing software that cannot be modified, studied, shared, or improved.

How can we put our trust in public bodies if they don't have full control over the software they are using?

Shouldn't your money be used to develop software that benefits you and other citizens?

If you think it should, join the #publiccode campaign.

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Want to learn how to edit video with Free Software?

The Kdenlive team will be holding their spring sprint in Paris next week, and two of the days will be open to the public. Then they are off to Seville, to the annual Libre Graphics Meeting.

Come make movies with us!

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The @GIMP team has just announced GIMP 2.10.0 release candidate 2 is out with multi-threaded painting, rewritten UI themes, on-canvas panorama rotation in 3D, various improvements, and 40 bug fixes!

(Sorry - last post had the wrong URL)

#FOSS #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #GIMP

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Since the whole #facebook crisis poeple seek alternatives. I think its a great opportunity for federated services to get some traction. I've been thinking to create fediverse landing page. Something very apealing looking for avarage instagrammer with clear explanation how federated services work, what are they, and how to find home.

#fediverse #federation #diaspora #mastodon #matrix #xmpp #nextcloud #decentralized

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