I think Japanese prohibition is like declaring Mastodon to be short lived.

@KinotomiKaru you can always build your own home (host your own instance)

@yookoala No no, I don't think so. (but some people think that English is the only language.) :)

@yookoala That's sound good. :laughing: We Japanese are also moving to our instance at a great speed.

@yookoala You know, Japanese are easy to get excited about new products, but easy to get tired of it. lol I think you agree that we don't need 500 letters, 140 letters enough, don't you think so? :))

@KinotomiKaru HK people also get excited to new products. We'll see.

500 Chinese characters can already be a long essay. Far too long than needed. :joy:

@KinotomiKaru the advantage of mastodon is, if you don't like the policy of one instance, just move to others. Now pixiv opened their instance I think Japan user have a great place to hang out

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