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Dr. Erdbeerschokobecher @Kohlrabe@social.tchncs.de

I am tired but i do not want to end this day... (work tomorrow ) :/

Can handle luks enctypted devices? All my files in encrypted devices.

Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5

---> puri.sm/posts/ubports-ubuntu-t

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Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

I started coding with Android Studio... Now there is a lot to learn...

Hört einfach auf zu Rauchen ihr stinkenden Arschgeigen.

... when you do have free time to play your favourite games and you're loosing all the time 😤

Picked myself up a Macintosh plus.

No software, but all the hardware appears functional and it came with documentation.

Now I need a boot disk, a scsi hdd or a way to emulate one, and some software.

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Kind folk of the fediverse, my partner would like to start out on Mastodon, and as she is a talented digital artist I feel that mastodon.art would be the best place for her to start for both her and the community.

Can anybody send me an invite code? Many thanks!

if linux was a nation would its national sport be tarball

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