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Typography stuff 

Useful Unicode for composing text:

- Em-dash (—): U+2014
- Ellipsis (…): U+2026
- Open and closed curled single quotes (‘’): U+2018 and U+2019
- Open/closed curled double quotes (“”): U+201C and U+201D

Alternatively, use a program which handles those things for you (I believe Pandoc does—at least from Markdown to HTML)

I do not know the codes to write them in Windows, but I’m not too bothered by that fact

For what it was worth, he did get awarded the Man of Steel medal—he absorbed a lot of shots for the rest of the team

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Update on the situation—no aliens in the town, but I lost a rifler to an anthropod after it survived a snap shot.

It was the only enemy on the map.

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4 turns in and 0 contact with alien forces in XCOM and I am really on edge that a laser will fly in from the fog and vaporise my forces

Contributed modules are a wildcard—they can fit the need, be 80% of the way there, or break everything in a non-obvious way that takes hours to fix

On a better note I figured out how to get a sortable field to sort without exploding into a million pieces

Lemmings in a beehive—I never thought about this but the tileset suits them pretty well

While fiddling around with the Windows Game Bar, it turns out you can make memes and share them to Twitter.

And I hate it

This level looks amazing, but how am I supposed to do this with only 1 builder?

There’s still a world of custom Lemmings levels out there and my mind is completely just “My mind can’t handle this right now”

So, pretty much like my experience with Lemmings in the early 2000s

There was an article generator, AI dungeon, now someone’s put their chat logs into GPT2 and trained it to try and talk like them

Sure, you've got such elements like article and section and aside, but there will always be a place for divs

I never thought about it in that way before but when the ferry comes in it does a Scandinavian flick to turn around before it gets to the wharf


If you want to access the elements of a form using the API, get $form_state and run the methods getFormObject()->getEntity()->toArray(), then dump it out for something that doesn't eat RAM with an appetite stronger than Android

The office has the thermostat in a place far from where the air comes out, so the desk I’m at is effectively a walk in fridge

Maybe I’ll learn how to use those e-mail lists one of these days so I can bring it up with freedesktop

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It now works smoothly, but I’m dreading the time that the system has to update that package because of security or whatever other reason

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