@vidak what about picking up a good used router & setting it up as a vpn gateway?

aljazeera_english@newsbots.eu - **Doctor's Note: Can herd immunity solve coronavirus?**

"A doctor explains what herd immunity is, how it works and whether it could help in the fight against COVID-19."


COVID-19, UK resources 

There's a growing list here of areas in the UK with Mutual Aid Groups organised to help people deal with the virus.

If there's a local group, attend if you can, or request its help if you need it. If there is no local group, make one with your neighbours and make sure it's added to the list. Then make the existence of these groups available locally so people know they have support.

#COVID19 #COVID19UK #COVID_19 #corona #coronavirus #virus

@amic that's the future of cell phones, unfortunately

@GucciPiggy@toot.cat @pmosetc the first few seasons are great. It gets a little slow for a few episodes but picks up again. I'm on season 12 & still enjoying it.

@AnnaGerber I have a machine that makes noises to help me sleep. Ocean waves us my favorite. You can get spas for your phone that do the same. Not only is it a soothing sound, it blocks outside noise

Well we're out of pickled pickles so I'm having pickled carrots

I am starting a small project meant to create a small, cheap and secure LTE/Wifi router you can bring with you everywhere.

This router is based on a #PiZero, #Debian, #OpenVPN and probably #Tor.

The main motivation is to help people to take the control of the hardware they use.

So, if some of you wants to build an LTE/Wifi router from scratch, have a look to the introduction I wrote 0x39b.fr/post/pi_router_story/

Comments and advices are appreciated.

@AnnaGerber I never really thought about it before but I usually draw circles counterclockwise. I don't know why, but I suspect that left-handed people draw them clockwise.

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