@amic that's the future of cell phones, unfortunately

@GucciPiggy@toot.cat @pmosetc the first few seasons are great. It gets a little slow for a few episodes but picks up again. I'm on season 12 & still enjoying it.

@AnnaGerber I have a machine that makes noises to help me sleep. Ocean waves us my favorite. You can get spas for your phone that do the same. Not only is it a soothing sound, it blocks outside noise

Well we're out of pickled pickles so I'm having pickled carrots

I am starting a small project meant to create a small, cheap and secure LTE/Wifi router you can bring with you everywhere.

This router is based on a #PiZero, #Debian, #OpenVPN and probably #Tor.

The main motivation is to help people to take the control of the hardware they use.

So, if some of you wants to build an LTE/Wifi router from scratch, have a look to the introduction I wrote 0x39b.fr/post/pi_router_story/

Comments and advices are appreciated.

@AnnaGerber I never really thought about it before but I usually draw circles counterclockwise. I don't know why, but I suspect that left-handed people draw them clockwise.

Possibly the strangest looking dog ever. He looks like a wizard

@acw it depends on the network & technology. And you might have to get it unlocked

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