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Nofftopia is connected to 167 instances. Use to be over 600, but we had a glitch. It would be extremely rad if y'all could boost this and help get Nofftopia reconnected to the federation! 🍻

Inspired by, I've set up a dev instance to test my unstable code at If you'd like to test my Service Worker PR (, feel free to open an account there.

Note that, as the name implies, I make no guarantee about the durability or reliability of this instance. But you're free to test on it:

Having an issue with shell scripts - can anyone help?

Trying to have it run commands in different directories. The shell script works if I manually run the script, but when I try to automate it via LaunchAgents, it doesn't respect the scripted "cd", so it cant find the commands to run. Any suggestions?

Wow. I only got 4 hours of sleep. But had the most bizarre, funny dream. It involved making bread with a cute restaurant owner, stealing something that the port authority was interested in, making chocolate cake with an exothermic reaction , swimming at a beach resort and more

[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] the glitching hour begins~ registrations are now open!

Cyber-attack hits 99 countries with UK hospitals among targets – live updates #guardian #news


'If you didn’t notice, there’s a small camera that sits at the top of some of these screens. These cameras are used to track and identify the behaviours of everyone who walks by — you’ll find no signs up to explain this. Children are also included in their profiling, which I discovered based on a conversation I’ve had with Orb on the phone.'

Please remember that nude and graphic pictures should not be posted on the public timeline without being flagged as NSFW. Content warnings on text do not hide pictures. Thanks!

Por favor, recuerde que las imágenes desnudas y gráficas no deben publicarse en la línea de tiempo pública sin ser marcadas como NSFW. Las advertencias de contenido en el texto no ocultan las imágenes. ¡Gracias!

Hey admins, do you run a tagged release or master on your instance? I'm curious

answer here:

#admin #admins #mastoadmin #mastodonadmin

boost if you wanna

Hey local/fediverse! Any Seattlites nearby? Looking for some local follows...

Ransom ware attack on public health care facilities? That's despicable. People who do this should be cast off our planet.

‪This is big...massive #ransomware attack hits U.K. NHS hospitals. 16 facilities affected. #cybersecurity #cybercrime


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