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What is the recommended open source webmail of today?

Whoever is into LDAP, can you help me with this pull request? It should work but I don't know how exactly it's gonna be used since I'm not an LDAP user

. @Gargron Would you be so kind and boost this for me? I'm looking for other #MastoAdmins that are using #Caddy instead of #Nginx or #Apache. I have a technical issue and I wanna know if it's related to Caddy or something else. Please and thank you!

"and so he says to the other bloke: 'I'd love to, but my swimming costume has got holes in the knees!'"


Anyone wanna help test out push notifications? If so, just reply to this or do what you have to so that I /hopefully/ get a notification. ✌🏼❤️

Finally out of bed. I hit the snooze button 28 times. Had an elaborate dreams that I was taking over management of "the world's smallest bar". I was busy deciding what the menu would be, what nigh would be comedy night, thinking about having the hardwood floor refinished with an epoxy coating,etc.

Weird movie spoiler 

Federation to other instances is lagging behind at the moment. We're investigating.

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