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Well we're out of pickled pickles so I'm having pickled carrots

I am starting a small project meant to create a small, cheap and secure LTE/Wifi router you can bring with you everywhere.

This router is based on a #PiZero, #Debian, #OpenVPN and probably #Tor.

The main motivation is to help people to take the control of the hardware they use.

So, if some of you wants to build an LTE/Wifi router from scratch, have a look to the introduction I wrote

Comments and advices are appreciated.

Possibly the strangest looking dog ever. He looks like a wizard

The good news is the boss gave me a raise. I was already making 5 % more than most of the other people that do the same job as me. She gave me another 5 %. Oh I may have mentioned in passing that there was a job opening coming up in the company for which I was the most qualified & the sensible candidate for the job.

They told me at the last moment they wanted me to me out to dinner at a restaurant with them. A) I'm usually disappointed by restaurant food. B) I'm hungry now. C) it would be noisey & slow. D) I've got food at home that I actually like & I've already p@id for it. E) I don't like crowded places. F) did I mention that I'm already hungry right now?

This morning SCOTUS ruled that once you buy a physical thing, it's yours to play with. I'm watching patent lawyers lose. their. damn. minds over this bit of common sense and it's delicious.

I have 2 Smartwatches, both made by Samsung. 1 runs tizen the other android wear. Gotta say I'm disappointed by android wear.

RT @AnnaGerber: @ashkyd Yes 😄Responsibility is overrated

Hey everyone, it's #FollowFriday! Any good recommendations on interesting tooters across the fediverse, interested in #technology #photography #economics #decentralization? English, French or German works. #ff

Isn’t lowercasism the opposite of Capitalism? This looks like a neat thing. Already has a messaging/microblogging app and a music sharing app, and a Git repo app too. Definitely something to watch as it looks like a better foundation to build this stuff on top of than OStatus

I don't know if I tooted about this before, but I found this webapp for Mastodon and it looks very promising:

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