I see that in the 4 months I've been gone the fad for adding ticks to your account has disappeared. Good.

WOOOO!!! I've done it! I've finally broken the back of this code in Processing and written up the program required for my assessment. Now to do the tech documentation and such things which is the easy part. Pseudo code and test logs, here I come! :triumph:

Egads, I'm so bloody close with this code. Once I'm done with this module I'll be glad to see the back of Processing.

Want to see myself and 3 others mock racists who believe black people genetically have lower IQ's than white people? Why not come watch my show as we have A Very Public Spanking Of Race Realists.


Hey guys, my comedy show starts in just over an hour. Why not come and listen to the show? It's best not played loudly at work, unless your boss is cool, but it is funny. Tonight's topic is Race Realism.


Anyone any good at teaching Processing? Java seems to be a language that escapes me.

Pathfinder is a fun game to play but if you're the GM, it's a lot of planning. I'm working on the ruined tower sections I want my players to go through and my imagination is starting to run dry after the laboratory, escaped monster lair, torture chamber and cells have been created. They still have to get there first though. :imp:

Bluegh, gotta write a guessing game program in Processing. Java is not my favourite language.

Woo! Got a B for my mock graded unit exam in HNC Computing. Now I have a cushion for the main exam. :computer:

I stand on the side of justice. I stand on the side of pineapples and bananas on pizza. As far as I'm concerned, if you like it, that's how you should have it and no-one should tell you otherwise.

:pizza: :pineapple: :banana: :corn:

Does anyone know Processing? My fecking button wont stay within my parameters. It works, just not within the parameters.

So... who wants to create a company that supplies Instances as a Service? Just need to learn to code properly first... :expressionless:

What do you say guys? Shall we call ourselves Mastotooters?

Americans, nay! The world! If you want a VPN then be very wary. There are few companies out there that actually keep you secure and safe. FSecure are one of the few, I advise using them. FreeDome is their mobile app.

Morning Mastodoners, or Mastadonees, or Tooters, or Tootees. What are we calling ourselves?

Ugh I gotta start coding a lotto program in Processing soon. I wouldn't mind but my professors way of teaching is to sit there and tell you what you're doing wrong then not showing you how to fix it. Or being really really vague with jargon on how to fix it. I can't be arsed with it but I need the course creds.

The green tick is so passé. I've decided to be verified by an atom. :slight_smile:

So apparently 

DM's don't do content warnings. @ReneNene :laughing:

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