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PSA für die Metalheads, offenbar sind (gerade?) Tickets für #DreamTheater in den Vorverkauf gegangen

Guten Morgen alle zusammen.
Hat hier jemand mit dem und kann mir ein bissen dazu erzählen. Ob sowas sinn machen würde, ob es evtl bessere alternativen gibt, etc.

danke im Voraus :)

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There's a free open federated network for storing and sharing music called Funkwhale:


You can follow them on here:


A really good example instance is open.audio, which is entirely Creative Commons tracks:


You can use it through the web, or through subsonic-compatible apps:


#Funkwhale #Fediverse #Music

After a little while here a new post of mine :D Today something completely different, but here we go..

The Real Slim Shady -


At first just a test pic for one of my old lens, now one of my favorite (with just a motivational word as a background for my workingstations)

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I thought today I post something completely different from usual:

Carmina Burana - something classical today.. Sang it myself years ago.

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Hi, I'm a french artist and I love painting magical animals with antlers ✨
Every bit of support is highly appreciated 💙

🌾 Site & shop: anaisfae.art
🌱 Birdsite: twitter.com/anaisfae
🍃 Prints: inprnt.com/gallery/anaisfae
🌿 Tees & more: anaisfae.threadless.com
☘️ Patreon: patreon.com/anaisfae
🍀 Tip jar: ko-fi.com/anaisfae

Irgendwer hier mit Erfahrung eines eigenen basierend auf auf dem 3 ? habe es soweit am laufen, aber sämtliche Schreibzugriffe enden in einer Fehlermeldung. Jemand ne ?

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A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Thinking about creating a account on for publishing some of my . What do you think about it? And which would you recommend?

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