my phone just updated to 9. While I like the new gesture navigation because of more screen space (even tho the phone is much too big in my oppinion) and I like the better way to trigger the "back button" It also slows me down, for example when I want to get to the apps running in the background, because you have to swipe up and hold instead of just toggling a button. mixed feelings here.. lets see how it is in the next days

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Dieser Moment wenn man komplett vergisst, aber es sofort vermisst wenn der aus Gründen Mal aus ist und die Werbung wieder da ist

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Gibt es hier vielleicht jemanden, der Interesse hat die Instanz weiter zu betreiben?

Weitere Infos gib es bei @oliver

#Mastodon #Betrieb

Bitte Teilen!

just installed golang on my .. when I type version in bash I get 1.12.5 and when I type it in fish I get version 1.7 any idea whats happening?

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Say hello to Telephant!

I've written a little Mastodon client for the Desktop - called Telephant - and am currently looking for beta testers!

Want to help out and don't mind compiling the app yourself? (Don't worry it's fairly straight forward and I've added detailed instructions to the README!)

Join me here:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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that moment you want to on your with and the installer tells you the is not supportet..
Is there a way I can install pihole on arch without docker?

finally had time to setup arlinux arm on my rpi3b+ (which requires a linux vm if you're on windows and haven't installed the ubuntu subsystem). Now I have to reconfiqure it with the services.. Interestingly there isn't sudo as standard on it o.O

Should I switch to on my + which is used as a home (for things like , ()and so on) or should I stay with ?

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Für alle die meinen: "Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen!". Diesen Link schicken.

Kurzer, aber guter Text! 🧙

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