A gouple of days ago my coffeemachine had to go in behalf of more space for fruits and vegetables. Best decision.

@MrVocalplay Very good decision. Coffee has a be footprint in terms of #landuse. Im trying to cut down my consumption, too. (More or less successfully.)

@LindaG yes the reduction of footprint ist a big part. For me I noticed I‘m feeling way better since I ditched it..

It’s nice that you’re trying.. but don’t rush it. Let your body some time to adjust.

@MrVocalplay How much cups did you consume during the day, if I might ask? - I´m afraid of the headaches and the tiredness that will come when going cold turkey. Also, about the social aspect. As a #vegan, I don´t eat cake in most festive situations. (Not always in the mood to bring my own...) Additionally not drinking coffe, but sitting there with a glass of water looks really cringey, I think.


@LindaG Let's say it was way too much :D Yea I can relate to the fears. While I made a cold switch for both veganism and coffee consumtion (but not on the same time) I wouldn't recccoment it. It also isn't necessary to make a cold switch in my opinion. When becoming vegan I switched my snacks and so on so have mostly always something with me. But here generally people are really open. But sometimes its hard to be prepared not gonna lie 😅

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