I have mastodon as an on my phones homescreen next to the mastodon app only because in the there are features missing (like local timeline and federated timeline and some onthers) do you know a better way to handle this on ?

@MrVocalplay why not use only the bookmark? I think it works pretty well.


@affenrakete that’s true.. but sometimes I like to have notifications, that’s not possible with the bookmark I realized

@MrVocalplay that’s a point. I personally disallow notifications for most of my apps, so that’s not big of a deal to me.

@affenrakete iOS does have a really good notification management with its focus features.. so I set it up that my phone doesn’t ring or so. Only when I go to the notification area it’s shown in some accessions. I like that one. Still not getting bothered but there when I need / want an overview of notifications

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