“The majority of people are too…”

No. Stop right there.

If you have a system set up by wolves that overwhelmingly benefits wolves and, furthermore, does so by exploiting the sheep, you cannot blame the sheep. The sheep are the victims. The blame lies solely with the wolves.

You do not birth someone into a unconscionably unequal environment and then blame them for not being strong enough to revolt against their oppressors. The blame lies always with the oppressor, never with the victim.

Yes, some of us may be strong enough to resist, revolt against, and maybe even overthrow an unjust system and replace it with something fairer. Others may not be and that does not necessarily make them complicit.

That’s not to say that some shortsighted fools will not side with the oppressor against their own long term best interests. But the one thing we must not do is blame the victims. Nothing infuriates me as strongly. It is salt rubbed into the wound of inequality and injustice.

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I'd even be careful about blaming the wolves too hard, because that's where the analogy stops: You're not necessarily born a wolf but the system is set up so you need to decide to either be taken advantage of or take advantage of others (or even both at the same time), it's hard to blame someone for not wanting to be a victim and rationalizing they're less wolf-ish than the other wolves.

There needs to be a way to be successful without making others lose.

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