Choose your weapon


...and TeX.

LO for spreadsheets, draw and presentations (although up to last week, I was professionally tied to Powerpoint -- good riddance!), and for smaller text documents.
For anything needing multiple figures/equations/references, and for things which take some time to put together or are written collaboratively, it's LaTeX all the way -- it just handles the references better, it knows what vector graphics are, and you can put it in a repository and trace changes.

Full ack. And TeX when the formatting is important and when document needs to look nice or needs to be printed out. And if you do not want to have troubles with re-sizing of pictures or tables generally. Not even spoken of maths, formulas and special characters or fonts.


@darkblue @LittleJoeMuc

I've moved from MS word to TeX to Open/Libreoffice to TeX for publications -- at least for simple equations, the LO equation editor works really nicely. Its syntax is a bit different from TeX (but also quicker to type). References, indices and formatting are fine (incl. ligatures etc). Only literature refs are involved (though only little more than in TeX). My issues were mostly with links/refs sometimes breaking in large documents, and vector graphics.

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