Ready for my talk for the design/development students at Howest.

Will be showing a very early proof of concept of Small Web server setup for the first time.

3PM Belgian time.

Watch live at:

#SmallWeb #live #talk

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

(Skip the first two minutes it you don’t want to hear my Vimeo rant as they had me scrambling at the last minute to set up a new stream. Not sure if it’s busted on Firefox on Linux or what.)


Another thing, which might be a purely academic point: I don't think you'd have lost if users knew what asymmetric encryption is.

In fact, I think that understanding how something works under the hood /to some degree/ is immensely helpful in deciding whether to trust it, and to distinguish it from magic, or snake-oil.

Technology I like to use does not require me to understand how it works, but makes it easy to understand it anyway.

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