1/ In defense of #Signal. Yes, I'm a guy that just posted a roundup of distributed/mesh messengers changelog.complete.org/archive of which #Signal was obviously not part. I am really excited about the potential of those.

But to the general public, I still recommend Signal. Here's why.

Nice writeup! I totally agree!

This is not the first of the calls for us "techies" to push our families and friends over to Signal.

What I have not yet seen, is examples of what to send. How did you convince your family? Let's help eachother and share these messages!

I understand that this message should be tweaked to the recipients specific concerns, but a broad list of examples could really help lower the barrier to start this work!

#pushsignal ?

For some colleagues whith whom I shared the ridento work, I simply rold them I'd rather use Signal than SMS or Whatsapp -- I don't have Whatsapp, and Signal is free and pretty much the same to use, except it's not owned by Facebook. That worked for most -- though some deleted Signal again when we were no longer driving together.
I only brought up privacy when I had some time and thought they were willing to listen a bit.
I found it harder to go the other way round.


@kingannoy @jgoerzen
Another thing that can help:
"Here's my email, Threema ID, phone number/Signal ID -- pick one!
Also have an XMPP adress and Briar, butbtheycre a bit hard to use."
if the other person only has Whatsapp, it becomes harder for them to say no to installing a second messenger, and also harder to think the reason you're not on Whatsapp is that you're some hilbilly/conspiracy theorist who's scared of technology, but actually know your way around messengers and such.

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