I need to buy a new computer for more intensive workloads.
Tell me fediverse: Where die you bought your last computer in Germany?
#askfediverse #askfedi

@jlhertel Other than that one special store, I will always look at these shops, that I all ordered from a few times before:

* Alternate.de
* Computeruniverse.de
* Cyberport.de
* Reichelt.de
* Voelkner.de
* Notebook.de
* Notebooksbilliger.de
* ok1.de and ok2.de

Alternate in particular has a nice "configure your own machine" thing.


The Alternate Configurator is pretty good indeed, especially regarding compatibility of Mainboard/CPU and power requirement for the PSU. Their service is mostly okay.

In case some price comparison website favours Mindfactory: I've had a support nightmare with them, with many very unprofessional (sometimes directly insulting) mails received over several months and them refusing to replace components on warranty. It's a few years ago now but I'm avoiding them ever since.

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