“The boost in vaccinations comes amid a devastating wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths driven by the hypertransmissible delta variant, which now accounts for nearly all cases in the US. The surge stands to rival the country's worst wave of the pandemic, which peaked in January 2021 with average daily new cases around 200,000. The country is now averaging over 130,000 cases a day, and that figure is still climbing.”


Please get vaccinated.

(If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the countries that’s hoarding the vaccines from the rest of the world… because profit before people is a great long-term strategy, I guess. I wonder if those dickhead spreadsheet wizards understand how variants arise. More than likely they do, but who cares, because profits amirite? Asshats.)


I read op on Nash ewuilibria only yesterday. (The only thing xA Beautiful Mind doesn't do justice):

Every player in the game is at a local optimum where a change in their behaviour would worsen their personal outcome -- unless the other players also change theirs.

The best way to get out of it is to change the rules. The fastest way is to introduce more players who don't know the rules...

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