Regarding current events, I thought this footnote from Terry Prattchet and Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens" may be relevant

I *finally* installed "Human Resource Machine" on Friday (after finishing Braid last weekend...), and I have to say, I'm a little bit proud of myself.

Good to see I still have it in me :)

Ohhh super, zum ersten Mal seit April Windows gebootet, und es wird noch aufdringlicher. Tonnenweise "Features", die meine Daten auf Microsoft-Server verfrachten, kein direkter Hinweis, dass sie das tun, und ich kann mich entscheiden zwischen "ja, sofort" und "in 3 Tagen". das eigentlich legal?

A book of Turbo Pascal programs. 90's version of open source ... buy the book, type in the listings -- lookit, you have the software and the source, no internet (or expensive floppy disks) needed!

Also a reminder that looking at other people's code is an important part of learning the art.

...und jetzt bekomm ich dieses Foto vom Wald am Donoper Teich zugeschickt, den ich letztes Jahr noch ganz in grün gesehen habe...

Es geht weiter. Das war nicht blos ein besonders trockenes Jahr, das ist ab jetzt normal.

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Verdammte Kacke.

Ich hab die besten Momente meiner Kindheit in genau diesem Wald verbracht, und letztes Jahr war seh es schon schlimm aus.

Petition für Wiederbewaldung und

I just modded an extension cable with a second lead that connects only to the ground contact, and tied that to a radiator.


I can touch my laptop case again without feeling the 50Hz hum!

Properly grounded sockets will be very high on the priority list for our next flat.

Your friendly reminder that certainty is, in fact, a trap, and forecast to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Geweldig articel over autisme op!

»Mensen met autisme raken vaak overprikkeld door anderen, en dan sluiten ze zich af. Vroeger werd daarom gezegd dat [ze] weinig empathie hebben, maar misschien hebben ze wel te véél empathie.«
Ik zou zeggen: Niet te veel empathie maar meer dan andere mensen, plus geen sociaal geaccepteerte manier om ermee om te gaan.

Zeven nieuwe inzichten over autisme

So ... there might be a little more water on Mars now than before, but I promise there's a really good reason for all of this!

Lieve Nederlanders, ik heb een vraag voor jullie:

Ik probeer nu al een tijdje de in te begrijpen, en met de info van Wikipedia en (, blz. 10, 11) heb ik het bijgevoegd beeldje gemaakt (heffingen en kortingen omgerekend in effectieve belastingtarieven). Is dat correct? Betaal je echt vanaf 21k€ bijna dezelfde marginaaltarief als boven 100k€? En tussen 68k€ en 100k€ nog meer?

This popped up sometime in November, in the area where we live.
Between this, the scores of public bookshelves, and people decorating the pavement in front of their houses with planters and benches, am so going to miss this place when we move out in January...

What did you say, the batteries are empty again?

Well, guess it's time to do the Cha-Cha!

Alright alright, you win ... if Stellaris starts to look like this, it's probably time to go to bed...

of the week, "Bigger Problem":

One of my favourite online arguments ever:
»Your point that the world contains multiple problems is a real slam-dunk argument against fixing any of them."

Oh hey, I made again!

Object: Allen Gardens, next to Brick Lane, Bethnal Green, London. Summer 2019

Inspired by Aydin Büyüktas' work:
...for which I worked out a decent process in after watching a timelapse of someone else's go at it in Photoshop. wasn't half as helpful for this as I hoped.

Works out really nicely, given how much fudging was involved. will make some geometric sketches beforehand next time, though.

Wow, that's a new one...

I've become used to most recent Dutch appartments having open-plan kitchens (not a big fan of cold food smell in my living room), but this is a new one:

So ... a container for smokers? An accident that was supposed to encapsulate the kitchen?

According to the blueprints, that is ...wait for it ... a loggia!

So ... is that something that's supposed to increase the value of the flat? I'm baffled.

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