Just tried by @tigase and I have to say, it is pretty good for a first try. Simple and intuitive menus. Once it supports OMEMO, it might become my recommended client for iOS.

@abyxcos y but with the release of 3.7 it is still not usable. MUC doesn't work at all even without OMEMO, adding contacts is very buggy and UI needs a redesign.

@Muto @tigase Is it stable and working ? Does Push work as desired?

Is it really possible that a working xmpp client for iOS does exist ?

@Kohlrabe for the short time I tried it, push did work

but it is not ready yet


just tried to setup Siskin for a friend but OMEMO encrypted attachements did not work which did in my test with another device before

but it works with Monal now

@Muto @Kohlrabe we encourage everyone to test #siskinim and #beagleim #xmpp clients and report any issues to so we will be able to fix them _pronto_ :-)

@tigase @Muto that Sounds great except that i do not have an iOS device πŸ˜…

But i love xmpp and i think there was a lack of working ios Apps.

So thank you for your hard Work you have already put in it.

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