@Muto 👁 This is just awesome! This is exactly what we were missing in conversations!

@blue indeed, but honestly I would be way more excited by decent muc support on an iOS client *cough*

I'd be careful not to call it “Conversations 3.0”. Last time I heard 3.0 will the version rewritten from ground-up and A/V will arrive earlier than that.

Still, this is super-cool and I’m eagerly awaiting first betas!

@pep @jr sorry you are right
2.8.0 with A/V support was just released to the play store
may still take a while

@Muto it's already merged into the metadata repo of #fdroid.... but seems like it did not build currently


@Muto Now if only there were a second XMPP client that is still alive *sigh*. Or a single one that works somewhat well on iOS.

@js afaik Voip and Videochat should work with if SiskinIM user starts the call

@Muto That’s nice, but messages working is more important to me.

@honigdachse @Muto it indeed works slightly better, but if you want to use Push + OMEMO + MUC it still utterly fails :(

@js @Muto True, I disable OMEMO on iOS clients... Running your own server does help in this regard ;)

@honigdachse @Muto I run my own server and still consider omemo essential

@Muto oh no, XEP-0215 (discovery of STUN server) is still not in ejabberds community edition, as per https://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/protocols/
sad :(

@Muto Ich habe versucht, bei mir den coturn in den prosody "einzubauen". Irgendwie gehts nicht. Laut dem Tester funktioniert der coturn, meine Nextcloud sagt dasselbe.
Aber im Consersations-Compliance-Test gehts nicht, obwohl das Modul mit dem richtigen coturn-Password geladen ist...? *Kopfkratz*

@HoSnoopy Setzt du Prosody ein? Wenn ja, welches Modul für XEP-0215? Bei mir hat es erst mit mod_turncredentials funktioniert. Mit mod_extdisco wollte es nicht. @Muto

@mase @Muto
Ich benutze mod_turncredentials. Es wird auch geladen.

Zitat von heise:

Leider reicht es nicht, einen passenden Client wie Conversations zu verwenden. Auch die beteiligten XMPP-Server müssen entsprechend gerüstet sein und STUN sowie TURN über External Service Discovery anbieten. 

Wo man wieder den Nachteil von XMPP sehen kann.

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