Happy to finally announce the November 2021 release of the Snikket server!

You can find a blog post with the release details here: snikket.org/blog/nov-2021-serv


@snikket_im I think always notify in MUCs as default would be better and is the expected behaviour for most users, at least it is in my bubble.

btw. works great thank you

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@Muto Agreed! That is the default behaviour now when you first join a group chat πŸ™‚

Confusingly if you open the settings in the iOS app, it will still say that it is set to "when mentioned" by default, but this will be corrected in the next app update (due this week). See github.com/snikket-im/snikket- for more background.

@snikket_im yeah that is why I notified you, thanks for clarification πŸ™‚

but one has to change for already persisent groups?

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