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For you podcast fans! Snikket was featured and discussed in episode 89 of TuxJam, a podcast blending open-source software discussions and Creative Commons music.

A nice surprise, and always great to hear real-world Snikket stories!

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Vorsicht vor der beliebten #Apotheken-App SHOP APOTHEKE: Im Test gab sie das gesuchte Medikament zusammen mit dem vollen Nutzernamen bzw. eindeutigen Gerätekennungen an #Facebook und die #Marketing|firma #Leanplum. @ulrichkelber @digitalcourage

@macprofreak @bfdi hätte nichts anderes erwartet, haben ja mit Mastodon auch schon einen guten Schritt gemacht

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@gerowen @wiktor yeah for Linux @dino is cool, don't know how it performes with since I use

for you frienda you may have a look at , it is Conversations but with phone number registration and contact discovery via phone numbers

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"#XMPP turns out to be the most efficient contestant in this comparison: it uses much less CPU cycles and database disk I/O."

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Video calls in Dino are slowly coming together. We are already making successful OMEMO encrypted video calls! The feature is included in our nightly builds now, but there's still further work to be done. #dino #xmpp

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@qorg11 Yes, if you're unlucky 😐

Ask your server operator what they are doing to prevent spam, and if necessary point them towards these resources: and

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You'd like to use a modern chat application, while being under the full protection #Tails has to offer? (amnesia, anonymous, censorship resistant, encryption)

You might enjoy @dino then, one of Tails candidates to replace pidgin.
No phone number, anonymous, censorship resistant, e2e encrypted, decentralized/federated, easy to use, based on #xmpp.

With Tails "additional software" function you don't need to wait. Here's how to install it yourselve:

@fdroidorg @oldie @CCTG inzwischen weiß ich das ja und ignoriere das Update nachdem ich es gemacht habe, es verschwindet dann irgendwann

@fdroidorg @oldie @CCTG ja habe das Problem auch unregelmäßig immer wieder mal mit verschiedenen Apps, nutze den offiziellen F-Droid Client

@KitKat @andre ja sehe Signal auch nicht als eine Lösung
Konnte bei mir durchsetzen 👍

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Gajim Development News:
This month brought improved Ad-Hoc commands, fixes for Gajim Portable, and new image preview capabilities. Meanwhile, work on Gajim’s next version made some progress: better code block styling, chat filters, note to myself, and much more.

#xmpp #chat #foss

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Wow! More than 1K of you have started to follow our journey on Mastodon! 🎉

Thank you so much! We've got a surprise for you! Tell us your story - what Nitrokey means to you and include a pic or video if you like! 🙂

#opensource #itsecurity

@sepp @t0rt0i53 da fällt mir ein, manche berichten positives von der Snikket beta verglichen mit Siskin

@t0rt0i53 afaik muss man paar configs machen, dann soll es aber gut laufen

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#StorkIM #xmpp client is back on #fdroid

We apreciate suggestions and reports:

Please keep in mind that client internals are currently reworked.

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