Anøm claimed to offer total security — but claims are worthless without independent verification.

We make some big claims too: we're onion-routed and decentralised with anonymous sign-up.

The difference is, our security audit by proves it.


Better than #signal

#Lokinet being in a 5-eyes country, might still be forced to give out metadata (connections between users) to authorities.

Until there is full decentralization of #session servers I would still go for #matrix #element or #xmpp

@NBN @0 @session

Weird decision. Not able to keep up with fdroid requirements? Smooth.

@jcast @NBN @0

F-Droid wants all our dependencies to be hosted in a few specific places. We inherit a bunch of the dependencies from Signal, so moving them would be a huge amount of work. We'd also have to remove anything that uses Google services, like FCM (which means no push notifications anymore for anyone using F-Droid).

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