Why are so many bots following me?

@Naimish Bots following more accounts can expand an instance's reach and what accounts show up in your federated timeline. More details here:

@qinaliu Half way through the medium post and I gotta say, I knew a lot of things but I would not have been able to put in words like you did. Kudos. Gonna get back to finish the whole thing and reply again :)

@qinaliu Heya, I'm back. Alright so everything is well explained. Seriously amazing. I was out for a couple days from Mastodon and I had no idea where did the :pineapple: come from!!!

One more question, is bot following a good thing for the user?

@Naimish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dunno, but I've seen people complain about it saying bots could be potentially dangerous. I've also seen people list #nobot in their profiles, but not sure if that actually prevents bots from following you

@qinaliu @Naimish
Thanks Qina for the human-focused documentation - still a ways to go to explain Mastodon's differences from twitter to normal humans (i.e. who don't do technology).
Also, is #nobot meant to be "don't follow me bots", or "I'm not a bot?"
Hmmm. #Mastodon #feature #Idea: automated Turing test for bot detection. :rofl:

@ShaneCurcuru @Naimish Both, maybe? I think users started doing it because they don't want bots to follow them, but it also identifies them as human. Seriously not sure if #nobot actually prevents bots from following you though

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