I must say I am loving , people are actually communicating here from around the world, across different timezones. It's just so energetic. I love it

@Naimish g'day from Australia:-)
It's pretty neat, though searching across the federation is sketchy

@Naimish i agree, I found an instance based on a podcast I listen to and joined. Very cool way of interacting with people. Still trying to figure out the whole idea of the federated timeline and how to add other instances to it. All in good time

It ain't that hard, just not curated. You see everything.
Which podcast was that? @SirSeanofSlovakia

The No Agenda podcast
The Best Podcast in the Universe
A twice weekly news deconstruction show. It is very entertaining. It takes a few shows to really start to get it, but once you do, most people get hooked.

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