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If u r from India you will know this:

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Has anyone figured out how the news are being shared here on ? Breaking, trending sorts?

I must say I am loving , people are actually communicating here from around the world, across different timezones. It's just so energetic. I love it

The credit cards companies are the only ones who make you feel important!!!


My name is Naimish, I'm 28 and I live in India. I have traveled across Europe while on the job in Poland. I used to be a Finance and IT consultant, but now I am learning the skills to become a tech reporter. I like challenges, I complain about them but I still take them head on. I started a youtube channel and I write a blog.

My youtube channel is

Your turn now!!! :)

@danharmon Yo sir, since it might be easier to catch you here. May I ask if gets to see the light for it's movie?

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Monday mornings are like cold coffees

On a December morning

Is this thing still popular or hype's dying?

Boss: Did you finish the work?

Me: Nope

Boss: Why not?

Me: coz I wanna work from home, and I gotta work from home home home home home

So A lot of instances are shown as Down, but I am able to access? What does that mean?

What does it feel like when Your bosses see your pain but do not communicate that to the higher management so you are fucked with some shitty targets you will never reach

So 13 hours later I am still at work and on Mastodon. This thing is addictive

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