@craigoverend I Don't KNOW! And I don't have the time to click them to see the results cause every time there are new notifications and every time I loose track. 😂😂😂😂

I just looked at your toot count:
Japanese 4
Dutch 4 and 2 stars
French 41 and 4 stars
English 68 and 10 stars
German 15 and 5 stars
Spanish 7 and 4 stars
Italian 4
Other 28 and 6 stars
You're insane 8 and 5 stars 😂

Current language boost stats:
Japanese 7 and 1 stars
Dutch 4 and 3
French 44 and 5
English 108 and 23
German 21 and 6
Spanish 12 and 6
Italian 8 and 1
Other 52 and 14
Insane 8 and 6

@MSD Haha, I'm sorry I didn't add Canadian (no In fact I'm very glad because I can't handle the notifications :ppp)


Years of practice butchering the language. I was once an aspiring poet. -_^

@NinahMarie actuall just three: Italian, Slovak and English. But I understand a bit of written czech, french, polish and german.

@NinahMarie thanks :) although it's not that uncommon: there's a lot of people out there with parents that belong to different major linguistic groups (my combinstion is romanic+slavic abd I studied languages from a third group, i.e. germanic).

@nicoladagostino no I know it's not uncommon but I have the feeling you're "rich" in the meaning of knowledge when you understand different languages but that's my opinion :)

@NinahMarie I definitely feel rich :) and wish to understand more! E.g. There are many BD in French I'd like to be able to read!

@helena @NinahMarie If you boost Portuguese you will get friends with @cindy! 🇵🇹 😁

@ben no no no :DD no offence but that little game shook up my notifications for days 😆 @helena @cindy

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