For the new Mastodon users:

- home 🏑 = timeline people you follow.
- local πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ = timeline instance.
- federal 🌎 = timeline all connected instances.

Let's root! 🍍

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For the new Mastodon users:

- to see the whole conversation = click on the minutes/time.
- the pineapple ... I'll let you find out yourself 😏

Let's Toot (damn you autocorrect).

For the new Mastodon users:

- make a toot with your interests in # so other users can find you as Mastodon only searches for # and not for words.


Let's toot! 🍍

@NinahMarie thanks for this toot! Good clarification. I was totally confused by the interface, but it's actually really easy. I already love the chronology here that lacks on twitter

@thmsclqt you're welcome! Exactly. I'm afraid I've fallen for Mastodon too ... ;)

@NinahMarie Was just reading the Mastodon introduction by @qinaliu and now I'm afraid I might've chosen the wrong instance, just took because it interests me as a vegan, but it doesn't look that active as other instances

@thmsclqt nothing to be afraid of. You can always change and choose one instance as a main instance like I do. I'm on 4 instances at this moment.

@NinahMarie So what was your criteria to pick these 4 instances? You have been searching, where the cool kids are hiding? :)

@Finn no :)
I took one because people of Twitter recommended it to me. Another one I chose because it was Brussels and it was the only Belgium instance at that moment. Also one about security because I love that. And another just because I was curious. :)
And you?

@NinahMarie The first one I stumbled upon is this one I'm tooting from right now. It was the one with the most registered users available. Then, well, yeah, another one is actually populated with nerds (I suspect being cool kids, haha) while the third one is from Germany, because I'm German.

@Finn I thought it was normal until I came to Mastodon. ;)
In fact my first language is so that makes 5 of them. And apparently South Africa and Sweden have similar languages so I would like to try to understand them too :D
You? English, German ...

@NinahMarie I'm just a simple guy from the landside and only speak three languages, English, German and Javascript ;)

@NinahMarie Hah! That makes me feel superior now, thank you. *laughs slightly*

@NinahMarie Now just admit, that Javascript counts for 3! *looks challenging*

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@milan @NinahMarie
If users are unknown in your instance, then the conversation don't have all the toots but if you use the "date link" you will have access to all the messages ;)

@NinahMarie What pineapple? is that the icon that looks like a chicken ball?

@NinahMarie what's up with the pineapple?!? 🍍🍍🍍

@NinahMarie The pineapple... hummmmm, you have my attention. Where is this pineapple :thinking:

@Mattdebondt nope. Unless you make another account on an other instance. Then you'll have another local timeline.

@NinahMarie what's with the pineapple? this is the second time it's been mentioned on my feed

@Blondie Nee hoor. Je kan je eigen taal spreken. De meesten doen dat of proberen Engels, Frans, Duits, Japans ... ;) wat het beste voelt. :)

@NinahMarie as an Aussie, that last line reads REALLY differently!

@Cuzza haha I can imagine that. I have the same feeling when you are swimming outside while I am freezing ;)

@NinahMarie to be fair, we can do that all year round here. But our winters are not freezing despite how much people complain. It doesn't even get below 0C here!

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