I've just been asked by a Dutch radio host to talk about Mastodon in the show .... I'm too shy to say yes! O_o

@NinahMarie I would attempt to listen to that.

Mostly to check out what you sound like.

I don't know a lick of Dutch of course, but that's ok.

@OldandConfused that's okay. Even the Dutch people won't understand me (kidding) because I'm a Belgian. But hey. I would have one listener who promise he won't run and continues listening (you would!!).

@NinahMarie I assure you, I would not!

I am genuinely curious.

@NinahMarie interviewer/audience asks questions about Mastodon on mastodon. I've heard registration is pretty easy. ;-) radio people do such stuff all the time with the internet. Btw Internet People too.

@NinahMarie Ow! I got a similar email two weeks ago; someone from our Radio 1 wanted to chat with me about Kate Bush for their "1000 Classics". Um, me? Talk to a stranger on the phone and have it broadcast on a national station? *insert panic attack here*. I politely declined.

@Nonunsenses hehe I know that's what you'd do! And I already had radio 2 Belgium and others so maybe it's time for the Netherlands. (I don't know which radio actually) @emmeke @haploc

@NinahMarie It all depends on the show and the host (and possibly other guests when airing at the same time).
Hope it's a nice show, you'll say yes, and finally break the news where and when we can listen to you!

@NinahMarie is it possible you announce it? not just toot afterwards? i'm sure several would try to tune in to listen to the show

@NinahMarie @Leonore5506 I often listen to NL radio on FM when weather allows signals to travel across tNorth Sea from - the discussion shows seem more "level headed" than UK radio although difficult to follow as signal fades in and out and everyone is talking at >100km/u 😁
One thing that *is* strange to a Brit is some presenters seem to play "funny" noises from the jingle machine during the middle of serious interviews?! If you do do this interview will try and listen online!

@NinahMarie that may have been a bit to forward. :)

I just like to encourage bravery...

@NinahMarie do it! Sometimes you have to jump in at the deep end to learn. ☺️

@cringe it's lovely to see that a lot of you are actually using that argument. That I can learn of it. <3

@NinahMarie I was a DJ for years... There are no people staring at you... after the first couple of sentences it will be just like a conversation between two people. I promise.

@NinahMarie I have been on TV once (no, not Big Brother or something like that ;)).... And I can tell you, as soon as it starts you forget that there are people watching, it flows quite alright.

@arx on TV?! Djeez it can be worse :D it frightens me more than radio.

@NinahMarie why? Just say yes! Live a little! All personal growth happens outside your circle of comfort, you know.

@JeroenBaten hahahaha you've used just the argument that can make me say yes. It's Tuesday. (If I say yes)

@NinahMarie Good to hear. I know several hosts personally. If I know who it is, I will probably tell you you have nothing to worry about.

@NinahMarie Do it. What could possibly go wrong? I mean - overcoming anxiety is always a chance unbelievably individual growth, isn't it? And obviously you are not too bad with words even if they are written here ...

@homer77 I could see it as a learning phase ... you're right .. but what's the added value?

@NinahMarie Well, who knows? It will widen your freedom beyond your fears, it may strengthen your selfesteem, may open new ways you can't think of yet ...

@MickeyHoyle euhm. Don't know actually. As I am a Belgian I don't know the Dutch radios. I'll take a look and let you know ;)

@NinahMarie Eeuwige roem zal je ten deel vallen. Je wordt een BV. So, great honour, great subject. Accept.

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