Waking up super horny. Not sure if waking up my wife will be a good idea at this early hour.

Tonight I'm going out. The only night I can use the lame pick up line: 'Oh, it's my birthday'

My favorite work mail is the office manager telling me there's a parcel waiting for me downstairs.

I ain't got Twitter so people are wishing me happy birthday on here. Hah, love it. Thanks all!

shout out to @Nonunsenses and @Nonunsenses@kink.family.
It's his birthday, send nudes. And boost this toot across the fediverse.

In 20min it's time to celebrate and remember that moment in which I was able to escape from the vagina of my mother. Hooray!

Remember the days where we tried to have civilized discussions with the needed nuances online crammed into 140 characters at maximum? Haha, yeah. Weird times.

Sent an email to my colleagues at 1am 'cause I came up with an idea that I was so happy about.

One of my many tattoos. An origami rabbit.
Origami to remind me that you can turn a single piece of paper into a work of art with enough patience and skill.
A rabbit because it's an active animal. Lively. Filled with joy.

Almost midnight. Time to bring out the late-night content.

. 18+.
They say sex sells, but fashion brand Eckhaus Latta might have taken it too far.

Created to promote its spring 2017 line, the brand’s provocative new campaign features real-life couples having sex on camera. Despite being pixelated, the images are still incredibly graphic. eckhauslatta.com/

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