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Just kidding. I'll keep on sexting here. ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čŹć­čŹć­čŹć

Sexting on Mastodon.
Making a mistake between 'public' 'private' and 'direct'.
No more sexting on Mastodon.

In Flemish we don't say: 'I love you forever'.
We say: 'BAZART IS EEN KUTBAND. STOP ERMEE!' and it's so cute.

Kinksters, hotties, cuties,... come over to We need more fun people to bring the instance alive. We're not federated so you can be you 113%.

Wife's out of the country for two days so I'll be home alone. Entertain me Mastodon! ­čÖé

Took almost a week to start DM flirting here. Not bad. Funny to see the DM's together with your public toots in one stream.

I reaaaaaaaaally would love 4 columns with Federated and Local next to each other.

Adidas might have made a small mistake sending out this email to those who finished at the Boston Marathon.

So now I need to test them. Life is hard. ­čśĆ­čśĆ­čśĆ

This guy is probably going to photograph me for his exposition. I'm super happy:

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